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Ruby as a Wingman talk

I gave a lightning talk at the SFRails meetup today about the selenium-webdriver gem. I discussed how to use WebDriver for more than automated browser testing. You can use it to automate repetitive tasks you do in the browser. I demoed a script showcasing the selenium-webdriver gem that is available on my GitHub account.

If you are interested in learning more about the selenium-webdriver gem, the documentation is a good starting place.

What does a developer evangelist do?

A developer evangelist’s goal is to increase the rate of adoption of their company’s API. A developer evangelist accomplishes this in two main ways. One way is to build awareness of their company’s API in the developer community. The second is to increase the productivity of other developers when integrating with their company’s API.

A developer evangelist builds awareness for their company’s API by being active in the developer community both online and offline. This could be accomplished offline by sponsoring hackathons, giving talks at conferences, attending meetups. This could also be accomplished online by contributing to the open-source community, sponsoring online challenges, and writing blog posts.

A developer evangelist is also focused on increasing the productivity of other developers. A developer evangelist does this by writing great documentation, developing client libraries, and writing posts about example integrations. Developer evangelists also accomplish this by being available to answer technical questions from other developers about their company’s API.

A developer evangelist’s primary metric of success is increasing the number of integrations that other developers have built with their company’s API.