by Murtza Manzur

I saw this post on Hacker News where the poster asked about the top five traits in a great developer evangelist. This question made me curious to see what words are used to describe the ideal developer evangelist candidate in job postings. To satisfy my curiosity, I analyzed a sample of developer evangelist job postings to see what words were most frequently used.

I copied 27 job postings for developer evangelist or developer advocate positions into a text file. I then wrote a script to count the frequency of words in that text file.

Here are the results of running the script. The top adjectives used to describe developer evangelist candidates are passionate, technical, and social. I often get asked to explain what a developer evangelist does. The answer to that question, according to this analysis, is developer evangelists help, write, market, speak, and program.

Excluding common English words, the top ten most frequently used words in these job postings were:

What I found most surprising was how infrequently popular sites in the developer community like GitHub (referenced 10 times), StackOverflow (not in top 250 words), and Hacker News (not in 250 words) were mentioned.